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Basic Steps in the Event of a Flood

Mildew Busters technicians are experts at minimizing flood damage, and with the latest state of the art equipment we are equipped to address all facets of flooding in your home, resulting in a minimum of damage.

Our first priority is to stop the source of the flooding. Then to make your home safe by turning off the power. Once these steps have been addressed we can pump out the water quickly with our high capacity trash pumps.

With the house water free, we‘ll install our large commercial dehumidifiers, air scrubbers and dryers to dry out surfaces as quickly as possible and minimize mold and warping issues.

As the house is drying out we’ll go to work eliminating things like wet sheetrock, wood and insulation. All breeding grounds for mold, and contributors to warping and structural damage. We’ll spray the affected areas with our non-toxic mildicide to kill any mold spores and eliminating mold growth from spreading through your home.

With out commercial vacuums that draw moisture from rugs and upholstery we’ll begin to eliminate the water from any effected carpeting or furniture. Again minimizing the damage for you.


We also work with your insurance company by documenting the flood damage with photographs and videos as well as detailed reports insuring that you recover as much money for damage as possible. Additionally we will contact your plumber and electrician to fix the source of water, again documenting this all with photos and reports.

The dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, heaters and other equipment are left on the site until your home is completely dry.

Finally when its time to put everything back together, our trained staff will draw up a remediation plan and a plan to restore your home to its previous condition. With over 30 years of experience on the East End, we have the rare ability to have insulation, sheetrock, painting and other repairs done in a timely and quality manner so that you can get back in your home as soon as possible.

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