Brick and Stucco


Over time, brick surfaces become more porous, allowing moisture to penetrate and then during the change of seasons to freeze and unfreeze (crack and heave). Eventually this results in cracked or broken bricks and mortar between the bricks beginning to become fragile and falling out. Additionally in areas that do not dry easily mildew and green mold begin to grow on the surface of brick speeding up the deterioration process.

Using our environmentally friendly mildicides, Mildew Busters Inc. can first kill the mildew and mold growing on the brick and then Powerwash it off. Then after drying, we can apply a clear silicone based masonry sealer that will preserve the integrity of the brick surface and eliminate costly repairs or replacements down the road.

Stucco Wash


After a few years you will begin to see cracks in stucco surfaces from buildings and homes shifting or from moisture intrusion similar to brick surfaces. Also mold and mildew growing easily on the surface, particularly in areas that do not dry quickly.

Again using our non toxic mildicides we can remove the mildew and mold easily and then Powerwash or rinse the surface before patching the stucco.

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